Polling Doubts Biden Fitness, RFK Jr Reveals Past Brain Worm Incident

Polling data reveals that many Americans are questioning if President Joe Biden is fit to be the president. Some people are now also wondering about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s health after news broke that he faced a health scare in the past.

Kennedy reportedly talked about how a parasite once ate part of his brain during a deposition years ago. At first, doctors thought it was a tumor, which caused him memory problems and confusion.

But later, a doctor told Kennedy that it was actually a worm that had entered his brain and ate a portion before dying. This shocking revelation was made as Kennedy was discussing the impact on his ability to earn income from his work.

While some may find this concerning, Kennedy seemed unfazed and even made jokes about it on social media. He expressed confidence in his abilities, going so far as to challenge former President Donald Trump to a debate at the Libertarian Party convention.

Kennedy’s lighthearted response to his health scare and his challenge to Trump show his determination and confidence in his capabilities. It remains to be seen how this news will affect his candidacy, but his bold approach may attract supporters who value transparency and a sense of humor in politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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