Polls Reveal Voters Want Biden, Harris Out; Dems in Disarray

In what should come as a shock to absolutely no one, the writing’s on the wall for President Joe Biden and his sidekick Vice President Kamala Harris. For over a week, Democratic insiders and White House officials have been spinning their wheels, telling anyone who would listen that Biden’s future hinges on post-debate polls. Well, the first major poll has landed, and it’s uglier than a wet cat in a hailstorm.

Rasmussen Reports delivered the bad news on Friday morning, and it’s a doozy. Apparently, a whopping 55% of voters think Biden should pack it up and call it a day. Even worse for Camp Harris, 50% of folks reckon the Dems should look elsewhere for a second-in-command. That’s right—half the country wants Harris out of the picture too.

Democratic voters aren’t thrilled with the Biden-Harris duo either. Nearly half of them want old Sleepy Joe to step aside so someone with a pulse can run. Yet, in a stunning act of political stubbornness, Biden declared he’s not going anywhere. The man’s staff is already prepping his next grueling campaign appearance, even though he admitted he’s ready for bed before sunset. Nothing screams “youthful vigor” like a bedtime that matches your grandpa’s.

Harris, meanwhile, is making her case to be the next in line, but her odds aren’t exactly soaring. Democratic officials might be feeling the pressure to push her to the forefront, but the reality is, the higher-ups are just trying to put lipstick on a pig. Her rise would be historic, but then again, so would a lead balloon’s ascent.

Adding insult to injury, another poll, this time from Cygnal, confirmed the Democratic ticket is in even deeper water. It appears America tuned in to Biden’s latest debate debacle en masse – and massive disapproval followed. Cygnal found an unprecedented swing towards Republicans, with most viewers concluding Trump trounced Biden. Biden’s approval ratings tanked to a miserable 62% unfavorability after his performance left viewers questioning whether he borrowed his debate strategy from a drunken sailor. 


Despite these disastrous numbers, Biden and Harris are still showing up like that unwanted fungus in the basement. Convention prep is in full swing, and the Dems seem dead set on pushing the duo through next month’s gathering in Chicago.

Efforts to deflect blame onto Trump for the debate disaster aren’t exactly panning out. A hefty 57% of folks crowned Trump the debate winner, leaving Biden trailing by a humiliating 35 points. Even among the Democratic ranks, there’s no clear consensus on Harris taking the mantle. When asked about giving her the top spot, 45% thought the party would be better off choosing Harris, while 39% firmly disagreed. Looks like Biden and Harris are finding out the hard way that America isn’t ready to buy what they’re selling.

Written by Staff Reports

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