Pro-Palestinian Chaos Rattles Colorado Capitol, Lawmakers Outraged!

In a wild and chaotic scene, a raucous group of pro-Palestinian protesters wreaked havoc on the first day of the Colorado State Capitol’s legislative session. These so-called protesters caused a major uproar, disrupting the lawful proceedings and forcing the legislature to come to a screeching halt. It was a complete and utter act of insurrection, no doubt about it!

The disruption was so severe that it caused Sen. Julie Gonzales to lament that lawmakers “don’t have the time to waste.” And she’s absolutely right! These lawmakers have important things to do, and they should not be subjected to the obnoxious antics of these unruly protesters.

Republican lawmakers were not about to take this nonsense lying down. They reportedly started hollering back at the protesters, but even that didn’t deter them. The session had to be halted to ensure the safety of everyone, and it’s absolutely ridiculous that it even had to come to that.

After the House gallery was cleared, these anti-Israel troublemakers continued their shenanigans inside the Capitol building. While this chaos barely made a blip on the national media’s radar, the question remains: Why are these pro-terror supporters allowed to shut down a state legislature’s lawful business without being called out for their insurrectionist antics?

It’s mind-boggling to see how these pro-Hamas supporters can get away with their disruptive and shameful behavior time and time again. Why isn’t the mainstream media all over this? Where’s the National Guard when you need them? It’s clear that these political allies of the regime are getting a pass while decent, law-abiding citizens are left to deal with the aftermath.

Make no mistake, these protesters who invaded the halls of the legislature and shut down the people’s business will be wholly ignored by Colorado authorities. It’s a sad state of affairs when these agitators are allowed to wreak havoc with little to no consequences.

In many other instances, these pro-Hamas supporters have caused disruptions at public events, all in an effort to advance the Hamas agenda of genocide against Israel. Yet, in nearly every case, authorities have turned a blind eye to their antics. It’s outrageous and completely unacceptable.

We must stand against these America-hating elites and fight back against their attempts to silence us. Will you join the cause and help us expose these enemies of the state? We’re counting on you to help us continue the fight for what’s right.

Thank you for reading, and let’s show these troublemakers that we won’t surrender to their disruptive tactics!

Written by Staff Reports

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