Prof Digs Deeper into ROGD, Radical Leftists Retract Article in Fear

Professor Michael Bailey, a distinguished researcher at Northwestern University, found himself in the crosshairs of cancel culture after daring to delve into the murky waters of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD). This controversial diagnosis, first described by Dr. Lisa Littman in 2018, attempts to explain the sudden surge of adolescents, mostly girls, identifying as transgender without any prior history of gender dysphoria. It’s an important avenue for scientific inquiry, but of course, the radical leftists cried foul.

Bailey’s article, coauthored with Suzanna Diaz, titled “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Parent Reports on 1655 Possible Cases,” was published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior but swiftly pulled by the journal’s publisher, the Springer Nature Group, citing a violation of editorial policies. But let’s be honest, we all know it was retracted because it challenged the dogma cherished by the trans activist mob.

The theory behind ROGD suggests that vulnerable girls, who may be struggling with other social and emotional issues, are influenced by their peers, social media, and even schools to believe their normal adolescent angst is actually a sign of a hidden transgender identity. Suddenly, they declare themselves transgender and often seek drastic medical interventions like mastectomies and testosterone injections. It’s a phenomenon that deserves serious investigation, but the regressive left would rather shut it down than face uncomfortable questions.

As Bailey and other researchers, such as Abigail Shrier, have discovered, cases of ROGD often occur in clusters within peer groups, where multiple girls declare themselves transgender simultaneously. This phenomenon is not limited to one region but is spreading across the Western world. However, the research on this topic has been virtually nonexistent, and Bailey’s experiences show exactly why. Those who dare to question the prevailing narrative are punished for their curiosity while facing the wrath of the woke mob.

But despite their attempts to silence Bailey, the trans activist brigade unwittingly exposed the topic to even greater scrutiny. The retraction of his article has inadvertently become a triumph for truth and reason. The professor has received widespread support from various groups, and the issue has gained significant public attention. Bailey, undeterred by the ruthless cancel culture, boldly declared that he will continue studying ROGD until it is fully understood.

In fact, Bailey, along with Littman and researcher Ken Zucker, plans to embark on a long-term study to unravel the complexities of ROGD. And let’s not forget the outrage surrounding Zucker, who believes in using psychotherapy rather than medical interventions to address gender dysphoria. The mere mention of this sensible approach sends the activists into a frenzy, revealing their true colors as ideologues who prioritize their agenda over the well-being of individuals struggling with gender dysphoria.

Bailey concludes that this is not the first time censors have tried to halt scientific progress, but he is determined to resist the puritans, ideologues, and activists who seek to suppress the truth. He understands that pursuing scientific knowledge requires bravery in the face of relentless opposition. And for that, he deserves our applause and support. Let the truth prevail over the irrational and illiberal forces that seek to control the narrative.

Written by Staff Reports

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