Psaki Urges Biden to Favor Friendly Media, Avoids Tough Press Queries

In a recent appearance on a talk show, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended President Joe Biden’s lack of press availability, suggesting that he should opt for friendlier platforms like “The View” to reach a broader audience. Psaki claimed that the focus should be on communicating the president’s message to the American people, rather than checking off boxes for the most press interviews. This advice comes as Biden has been criticized for avoiding tough questions from reporters and failing to hold regular press conferences.

It’s no surprise that Psaki is advocating for Biden to avoid the press, as she likely knows that every time he speaks in front of cameras, his age issues and cognitive decline become more apparent. The last thing the administration wants is for Biden to face tough questioning that could expose his weaknesses. Psaki’s defense of Biden’s press avoidance highlights the administration’s strategy of focusing on topics like the pandemic and the economy, while steering clear of contentious issues that could put the president in a difficult position.

Despite Psaki’s attempts to justify Biden’s limited press interactions, even staunch supporters like The New York Times have called out the president for his lack of transparency. The media plays a crucial role in holding leaders accountable and providing insights into their decisions, making Biden’s evasion of tough questions troubling for the democratic process. The reluctance to engage with independent journalists raises concerns about the administration’s commitment to openness and honesty with the public.

It’s clear that Psaki’s advice to shield Biden from the press is based on political calculation rather than a genuine desire to communicate with the American people. By selecting friendly platforms for interviews, the administration can control the narrative and avoid potentially damaging interactions. In a democracy, leaders should be willing to answer tough questions and engage in open dialogue with the press, rather than cherry-picking where they share their message. Biden’s avoidance of the press erodes public trust and sets a concerning precedent for transparency in government.

Written by Staff Reports

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