Ramaswamy Crushes Media’s Race Baiting Tactics in Epic Showdown

Conservative candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has once again shown his courage in the face of dishonest faux journalists and their ridiculous attempts to twist the truth. The mainstream media’s latest victim is none other than our hero, Ramaswamy, who stood strong against their despicable tactics.

During a recent campaign event, a reporter from The Washington Post, Meryl Kornfield, tried to pull a fast one on Ramaswamy by asking if he condemned white supremacy and white nationalism. Ramaswamy’s response was nothing short of epic. He made it clear that he condemns any form of vicious racial discrimination in this country, but he refused to play into the reporter’s gotcha game of denouncing white supremacy while she continued to behave in a predictable fashion.


Ramaswamy pointed out that the mainstream media’s obsession with the myth of white supremacy is based on falsehoods and is causing the American public to lose trust in them. He reminded the audience that the real threats we face today are much different and that the best way to end discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race. It’s common sense, but apparently, the mainstream media can’t grasp that.

Kornfield jumped in to follow up with her claim that Ramaswamy didn’t explicitly say he condemned white supremacy, to which he responded with even stronger conviction. He made it clear that he wasn’t going to recite a catechism for her and that he wasn’t going to bend the knee to her new religion of modern wokeism. Ramaswamy refused to play their silly games and stood his ground against their attempts to manipulate his words.

Of course, the mainstream media couldn’t handle Ramaswamy’s strength and integrity. The headline of Kornfield’s article tried to paint him as embracing fringe theories and far-right claims, which is nothing but a baseless hit piece against the conservative candidate. Ramaswamy has been accused of using inflammatory rhetoric and embracing extreme ideas, but anyone with a brain can see that he’s simply speaking the truth and not giving in to the mainstream media’s deceitful agenda.

Ramaswamy’s refusal to bow down to the mainstream media’s narrative has sparked outrage among the liberal elites. They can’t stand the fact that someone like him isn’t afraid to call them out for their divisive tactics and lack of accountability. He’s not playing their games, and that’s exactly why he’s gaining support from real Americans who are tired of being fed lies by the mainstream media.

In the face of adversity, Ramaswamy remains unapologetically conservative, and that’s exactly what this country needs. His resilience in standing up to the mainstream media’s propaganda is a breath of fresh air in today’s political climate. While the liberal elite continue to spread their false narratives, Ramaswamy will continue to speak the truth and fight for the values that truly make America great.

Written by Staff Reports

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