Report: Jill Biden’s “Shadow Presidency” Expanding

It’s been reported that Jill Biden, despite lacking political experience, wields significant influence in Joe Biden’s presidency. Bloomberg suggests that the First Lady will play a crucial role in the upcoming 2024 elections, including deciding if her husband will run for office again. As the President’s closest confidante and protector within the White House, Jill Biden acts as his trusted advisor, according to her former press secretary Michael LaRosa, who called her his “gut check on everything.”

The First Lady has established herself as an experienced educator, offering guidance on President Biden’s appointment of Miguel Cardona as Education Secretary and Jen Psaki as the first press secretary in the White House. In 2022, she took a stand during a meeting with Biden’s top aides by requesting an explanation for the president’s two-hour question-and-answer session at a news conference in January.

In her memoir “Where the Light Enters,” it is revealed that the First Lady still teaches English classes two times a week at Northern Virginia Community College. To maintain her safety, her Secret Service detail dresses up as students during her lectures. Moreover, the First Lady’s senior adviser, Anthony Bernal, is highly respected and considered an imposing figure in the West Wing.

The crucial issue for voters in the 2024 election is whether to evaluate the abilities of both Joe Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill. If Joe Biden’s condition deteriorates, it’s likely that Dr. Jill will play a more substantial role in the nation’s affairs. This is worrisome, given Joe Biden’s refusal to undergo the 10-minute Montreal Cognitive Assessment test that Donald Trump completed successfully.

It’s evident that Jill Biden has assumed a vital position in her husband’s presidency and is likely to maintain it if he chooses to run for re-election in 2024. Her influence in significant campaign decisions is well established, and her presence in the White House is an undeniable force. Although little polling data exists on the 71-year-old First Lady, it is clear that she will be a powerful force in the upcoming election.

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