REPORT: Liberal Outlet Vice on Verge of Bankruptcy

Vice, the aging digital media company that has been pumping out liberal nonsense for years, is on the brink of bankruptcy. According to insiders, the company has been preparing to file for weeks, with the inevitable announcement expected to come in just a few short days. Although more than five companies have expressed interest in purchasing Vice, the chances of a sale look bleaker by the day. Once valued at nearly $6 billion, Vice is now worth just a fraction of that amount.

Many will view this as a well-deserved comeuppance. While Vice did produce some interesting and non-political content in its early years, the recent history of the company has been far less impressive. In one particularly cringe-worthy instance, the company published an article containing misinformation about natural immunity to COVID-19. It has also been quick to defend sex offenders in the past – hardly the kind of editorial content that appeals to a broad audience.

Of course, this kind of divisive nonsense is exactly what appeals to many in the liberal media establishment. In the past, both Disney and Fox have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Vice. They were initially charmed by the company’s supposed “disruptive” potential; but like so many others who have attempted to uproot traditional media, Vice has failed spectacularly.

In the wake of this impending bankruptcy, Fortress Investment Group is expected to take control of the company. Although Vice will continue to operate normally, it is uncertain what the future holds for the handful of remaining employees. One thing is for sure: Vice’s liberal bias has done the company no favours. It is difficult to see how they will recover from this latest blow.

From a conservative perspective, Vice’s fall from grace is not unwelcome. The demise of this propaganda outlet can only be seen as a win for those who value truth and fairness in journalism. Hopefully, this represents the end of an era, and we can all move towards consuming media that reflects the values that we all hold dear.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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