REPORT: New Book Exposes Growing Tensions Between Biden and Kamala

Chris Whipple claims in his upcoming book "The Fight of His Life" that Joe Biden makes some shocking claims regarding tension in the White House between Biden and Harris. The book, which is scheduled to be released next week, will look at the early days of his presidency.

In 2021, Douglas Emhoff, the first gentleman, raised concerns about the nature of Harris' assignment portfolio. This was seen as a potential problem for Harris, as her allies warned that it could damage her politically.

According to Whipple, who had extensive access to the Biden administration during the writing of the book, he claims that the president was annoyed by Emhoff's complaints. He also called Biden a work in progress.

In the book, Whipple claims that Biden did not ask Harris to do anything that he had not done as a vice president. He also stated that Harris begged him for the assignment.

In the book, Whipple also claims that Biden was not the only one who expressed his frustration with the inner circle. A senior White House adviser said that the group did not serve Harris well during the campaign.

A spokesperson for the White House, who used to work in Nancy Pelosi's office, told Politico that they would not address Whipple's claims.

The spokesperson also stated that they would not be addressing the details of the claims in the book. They said that the author did not have the opportunity to provide them with the necessary information.

If the claims in the book are accurate, then it would not have been the first time that Harris has been associated with White House drama.

In June of last year, a report published by the political news website, which was written by former staff members, stated that the office of Harris was not a healthy environment.

One of the former staff members stated that there were short fuses in the office, which made it an abusive environment.

The article also talked about how the office had a high turnover rate and how poor communication and morale affected the work environment.

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