Republicans Warn of Biden’s Open Border Policy Undermining Elections

Republicans and border patrol experts are raising concerns about the southern border’s security under President Biden’s administration. They suggest that the Democratic Party’s open border policies could be politically driven, aiming to secure more votes in the upcoming elections.

Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona believes that the Democratic Party, especially the hard left faction, is willing to manipulate elections for their benefit. He argues that allowing non-citizens to vote, as seen in Washington, D.C., could potentially sway election results.

Efforts by GOP lawmakers to pass bills requiring proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote nationally have faced obstacles in the Democrat-controlled House Committee on House Administration. The SAVE Act, which aims to prevent illegal immigrants from voting in federal elections, passed the committee but has not progressed further.

Republicans like Congressman Brian Babin from Texas highlight the potential impact of illegal immigrants voting in elections. They express concerns that even a small percentage of non-citizens participating in elections could significantly influence the outcomes, potentially leading to election results being decided by illegal aliens.

Former Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf also voices concerns about non-citizens influencing the voting process, emphasizing that it goes against the principles of democracy. He criticizes the Biden administration for failing to address the challenges at the southern border and for not taking responsibility for the crisis.

Despite President Biden’s executive order to crack down on illegal immigration, Republicans remain critical of his approach, arguing that it does not effectively address the security concerns at the border. The order aims to limit migrants crossing the southern border unlawfully from receiving asylum unless they follow established lawful processes, such as making an appointment through the CBP One app at a port of entry.

Conservative viewpoints perceive the situation at the southern border as a result of the Biden administration’s failure to implement effective policies. They argue that securing the border is essential to uphold the integrity of the democratic process and prevent illegal immigrants from potentially impacting election outcomes.

Written by Staff Reports

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