RFK Jr. Reboots JFK’s Latino Outreach, Biden on Edge

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is stirring up some political drama by reviving a program started by his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy, causing potential headaches for President Joe Biden’s attempts to solidify his 2020 coalition. Kennedy is relaunching the “Viva Kennedy” initiative, initially spearheaded by his father, former Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, to support his uncle’s 1960 presidential campaign. It’s a bold move that could shake things up as the next election approaches.

The program, set to be led by Rob Lucero, is scheduled to kick off on March 30th, coinciding with the birthday of renowned California labor organizer Cesar Chavez. Kennedy’s revival of this initiative is a direct challenge to Biden’s efforts to court Latino voters, a key demographic for both parties.

Biden’s campaign has been investing big bucks in advertising targeting Asian, black, and Latino voters, and the president has been pushing his “Latinos con Biden” program during visits to Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. But despite these efforts, a recent poll showed a virtual tie between Biden and Trump among Latino voters in Arizona and Nevada, with many Hispanics reconsidering Republican candidates due to the leftward shift of Democratic policies.

In fact, Trump has been making substantial gains among Latino communities, particularly in Florida, and recent polls even suggest he’s leading Biden by 6 points among Latinos. The Democrats’ assumption that they have a lock on the Latino vote is being seriously challenged, and Kennedy’s Latino outreach efforts could further disrupt the political landscape.

Not everyone is convinced that Kennedy’s strategy will pay off, though. Some, like California Republican consultant Mike Madrid, argue that the Latino electorate today is very different from that of the 1960s. Madrid dismissed Kennedy’s efforts as out of touch, saying, “It’s embarrassing to even bring this up again.”

Regardless, Kennedy’s team is pushing ahead, aiming to gather enough signatures to get him on the ballot in all 50 states as a third-party candidate. This move could shake up the 2024 election, especially in key battleground states like Arizona and Georgia.

The stage is set for a fierce battle to win over the Latino vote, and Kennedy’s resurrection of an old political playbook may just add fuel to the fire. This political showdown is heating up, and it’s anyone’s guess how it will play out in the next election.

Written by Staff Reports

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