RFK Jr. Shakes CNN, Exposes Biden as Real Threat to Democracy!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. dropped a truth bomb on CNN host Erin Burnett, leaving her shaken to her biased core. When she tried to steer the conversation towards slamming former President Trump, RFK wasn’t having any of it. He boldly proclaimed that the real threat to democracy isn’t Trump, but President Biden. Finally, someone brave enough to speak the truth amidst a sea of liberal spin!

RFK pointed out how Biden has shamelessly used federal agencies to silence political opponents, setting a dangerous precedent for future elections. It’s a chilling display of power that the mainstream media conveniently overlooks. The hypocrisy runs deep in the Democratic party, and RFK wasn’t about to let them off the hook.

While CNN tried to push their anti-Trump agenda, RFK stood firm in his defense of free speech and democracy. He called out Biden’s manipulation of social media and his refusal to offer Secret Service protection to political rivals. The blatant abuse of power is alarming, yet the left-wing media remains complicit in their silence.

By shedding light on the Democrats’ shady tactics, RFK exposed the corruption festering within the party. Their desperate attempts to stifle opposition and remove Trump from the ballot reek of manipulation and deceit. It’s a sad day when the so-called champions of democracy resort to such underhanded tactics.

RFK may not align with all conservative values, but his courage in challenging the liberal establishment is commendable. With his running mate Nicole Shanahan by his side, he poses a real threat to Biden’s reelection bid. Democrats are scrambling to contain the damage, but the truth will prevail in the end. Let this be a wake-up call to all those who value freedom and integrity in our democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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