Rodgers Crushes Kimmel in Culture Clash; Disney’s Woke Wars Backfire!

On the latest FANTASTIC episode of LARRY, the hosts dive into the EPIC clash between the atrocious late night host, Jimmy Kimmel, and the brave culture warrior Aaron Rodgers. They also tackle Disney’s latest ATROCIOUS attempt at woke pandering with Star Wars, the DEVASTATING community backlash against none other than the Associated Press following Harvard President Claudine Gay’s resignation, and so much more! Tune in every weekday for even MORE LARRY!

In an intense showdown, the despicable Jimmy Kimmel faced off against the valiant Aaron Rodgers, shedding light on the ongoing culture war in America. Disney’s latest misguided attempt at promoting wokeness through Star Wars was also condemned, highlighting the entertainment industry’s insistence on pushing a liberal agenda.

The Associated Press received a well-deserved community note for its biased reporting, particularly regarding the resignation of Harvard President Claudine Gay. The episode provided a refreshing conservative take on current events, offering a much-needed alternative to the liberal mainstream media’s narrative. 

Written by Staff Reports

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