SCOTUS Snubs Anti-Trump Case: 14th Amendment Scheme Fails!

In another victory for former President Donald Trump, the Supreme Court has decided not to take up a case challenging his eligibility to run for president in 2024. The case was brought by an unknown Republican candidate who argued that a provision from the post-Civil War era disqualifies Trump from seeking the White House due to his alleged involvement in the January 6th Capitol attack. However, the Court denied the case without comment or vote, shooting down the longshot challenge.

This case is just one of several attempts in various states to remove Trump’s name from the ballot in future elections. Efforts in Colorado, Florida, California, New Hampshire, and other states have already failed. Despite the narrative pushed by Democratic politicians and the media, no evidence has been found to prove that Trump incited the riot. It was always a slim chance that these efforts would succeed, and the Supreme Court’s decision solidifies that.

Interestingly, a Politico/Morning Consult poll showed that, after considering questions about the Constitution and Trump’s conduct, a slight majority of Americans support using the 14th Amendment to keep Trump off the presidential ballot in 2024. However, this opinion is not universally held, with 34 percent disagreeing. Liberal activists and conservative attorneys have teamed up to argue that Trump is ineligible to run again based on their interpretation of this Amendment.

While the Supreme Court’s decision does not set a legal precedent, it does give Trump a temporary break from the barrage of legal battles he’s facing. This case also shines a spotlight on the disturbing trend of using the law as a political weapon, particularly when it comes to Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans. It’s clear that there are factions out there willing to bend the legal system to their advantage in an attempt to undermine their political opponents.

Written by Staff Reports

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