Secret Service destroys footage of Biden dog attack raises transparency concerns

The handling of the Biden family pets, particularly their German shepherds Commander and Major, during Joe Biden’s time in the White House has raised serious concerns. A recent revelation that the U.S. Secret Service destroyed footage of an incident where Commander bit an agent, forcing White House tours to be halted for cleanup, has sparked outrage and questions about transparency.

The incident, which took place in June 2023 in the East Wing’s Kennedy Garden, saw Commander aggressively lunge at a Secret Service agent, causing a deep bite that required stitches. The fact that the Secret Service chose to delete the footage of this incident in response to a FOIA request is deeply troubling. The explanations given by agency officials about adhering to record retention standards only add fuel to the fire of suspicion.

This isn’t the first time Commander and Major have been involved in aggressive behavior. Reports suggest there have been multiple instances of attacks by the Biden family dogs, raising concerns about the safety of those around them. The conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has also sought records on the Biden dogs, highlighting the seriousness of the issue.

The decision to rehome Commander and Major after their behavior became unmanageable may have been a necessary step, but the destruction of crucial evidence by the Secret Service paints a worrisome picture. The lack of transparency and accountability in handling these incidents only fuels speculation of a cover-up to protect the president.

As more details emerge about the conduct of the Biden family pets and the actions taken to address their aggressive behavior, it is clear that there are serious questions that need to be answered. The safety of those working in the White House should be a top priority, and any attempts to conceal or downplay dangerous incidents only erode trust in the administration.

Written by Staff Reports

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