Sen. Rubio Demands US Southern Command View ‘Sound of Freedom’!

Senator Marco Rubio of Florida is urging the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) to reconsider its decision to postpone two scheduled screenings of the well acclaimed film "Sound of Freedom" at its headquarters in Florida. Senator Rubio conveyed his concern with the cancellation of the screenings to General Laura Richardson, the Commander of SOUTHCOM. He emphasized the importance of promptly rescheduling the screenings.

The film, which has garnered a global box office revenue of $210 million, portrays the veritable narrative of Tim Ballard, a former special agent of the Department of Homeland Security, who committed himself to the noble cause of liberating children from the clutches of human trafficking. The actor Jim Caviezel, renowned for his portrayal of Ballard in the film, has expressed that this particular project holds significant importance to him, comparable to his previous notable performance in "The Passion of the Christ."

Regrettably, the movie has been subjected to unjust criticism by the mainstream news media, which has characterized it as a "QAnon" dream. Nevertheless, Senator Rubio highlighted that the film's production was finalized in 2018, a considerable period prior to the term's widespread recognition. Additionally, it was observed that the film seamlessly corresponds with the objective of SOUTHCOM, which involves combating trafficking and international criminal groups.

Senator Rubio raised the issue with General Richardson that the Department of Defense has a longstanding practice of collaborating with film studios to organize screenings at military installations. He emphasized that any concerns regarding copyright infringement should be dismissed, as the producers and distributors of the film have granted their permission for it to be shown at SOUTHCOM.

Senator Rick Scott of Florida expressed his endorsement for the film and echoed Senator Rubio's plea for the prompt rescheduling of the screenings. The video and its impactful message have garnered praise from various notable figures, including former President Donald Trump, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and other important members of the Republican party.

The resonance of "Sound of Freedom" among legislators and the general populace is evident, and Senator Rubio is resolute in his commitment to ensuring the film's intended exhibition to the military personnel. The Epoch Times has made contact with SOUTHCOM in order to obtain a comment, with the expectation that they will reassess their decision and provide permission for the screenings to proceed.

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