Severe Turbulence on Boeing Flight Claims Life, Injures Dozens

On Tuesday, the Boeing they were traveling on experienced "severe turbulence," resulting in one fatality and more than twenty-five injuries during a flight from London to Singapore.

According to Singapore Airlines, a Boeing 777-300ER it flies was forced to land in Thailand owing to the unfavorable weather after taking off from London's Heathrow Airport for Singapore.

Thirty passengers were injured by the turbulence, and a 73-year-old British national who was believed to have suffered a heart attack died as a result.

When the plane landed in Bangkok, a total of 18 passengers were brought to the hospital, and another 12 were undergoing treatment.

According to Singapore Airlines, the jet struck a pocket of air over Thailand, causing abrupt and intense turbulence.

Along with offering the required assistance to the impacted passengers and crew, the airline also sent its sympathies to the family of the dead passenger.

The flight will be examined by Singapore's Transport Safety Investigation Bureau. The manufacturer of the aircraft, Boeing, extended assistance to the airline.

After multiple accidents and mechanical issues, Boeing has been under fire for the safety of its aircraft. This occurrence just makes the company's PR difficulties worse.

Although Boeing's safety procedures have drawn criticism from internal whistleblowers, there is no concrete evidence linking these problems to the most recent fatalities.


Written by Staff Reports

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