Shock Bill Suggests Arming Illegals: The Left’s Next Step in Power Play?

In a surprising and outrageous move, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois has proposed giving undocumented immigrants access to guns and military intelligence. Durbin, a Democrat who has been in office for over four decades, made the harebrained suggestion during a speech on the Senate floor. He argued that offering citizenship in exchange for military service to these illegal aliens would somehow enhance national security.

Durbin’s logic is truly baffling. He claims that the Army, Navy, and Air Force are struggling to meet their recruiting quotas each month and that undocumented immigrants should be given the opportunity to serve and risk their lives for the country. But let’s not forget that these individuals broke federal laws to sneak into the United States in the first place! It’s absurd to think that we should trust them with guns and sensitive military information.

Not only are many illegal aliens convicted murderers, rapists, and child molesters, but some are also on the FBI’s Terrorist Watchlist. This should give us serious pause when considering Durbin’s proposal. How can we be sure that the military will know the true backgrounds of these recruits and what they might be hiding? And let’s not forget that many illegal aliens come from countries that are not U.S. allies, such as the Middle East, China, and Russia.

Durbin’s suggestion has rightfully sparked outrage on social media. Many believe that arming foreign criminals with America’s strongest weapons is the dumbest idea they’ve ever heard. Others have pointed out the irrationality of granting citizenship to those who have shown no respect for U.S. laws. These individuals have already broken our laws by illegally entering the country, and many commit crimes far worse than immigration violations.

The truth is that the Democrats’ obsession with illegal immigration has serious consequences. It undermines public safety, drains taxpayer-funded resources, and jeopardizes national security. The real solution to this problem is to build an impenetrable border wall, secure the border area to deter daily invasions, and deport those who have no right to be in the country. Creating a foreign army within our homeland and giving them access to military weapons is nothing short of a recipe for disaster.

Written by Staff Reports

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