Shock Revelation: Trump’s Lawyer Exposes NY Case as Political Stunt!

Alina Habba, lawyer and spokeswoman for former President Donald Trump, appeared on Breitbart News Daily and slammed the New York civil fraud case against Trump as a “sideshow” for the political agenda of New York Attorney General Letitia James. Habba expressed her frustration with the case, stating that it was an attempt to take down one of the most iconic companies in New York. She criticized the case as a “disgrace” and wished that the event had been televised so that the world could see the unfairness of it all.

Habba argued that the case was decided on summary judgment before they even had a chance to present their witnesses, calling it ridiculous and highlighting the judge’s lack of interest in common sense. She accused Letitia James of being focused on her own politics and running on a platform of going after Trump. Habba defended Trump and his supporters, claiming that they are seeking reform and are some of the most constitutionally sound people in the country.

She further criticized the education system, accusing it of indoctrinating children and promoting hate. According to Habba, Trump supporters are not revengeful, but rather love this country and believe in tolerance. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to represent Trump and give him a voice in the face of media bias.

In the end, Habba questioned the honesty of the media and expressed her role in advocating for Trump when he can’t speak for himself. Clearly, Habba believes that the New York case is just another attempt by the left-wing to silence Trump and his supporters.

Written by Staff Reports

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