Shocking Betrayal: 7 in 10 Haley Fans Ditch Trump for Sleepy Joe!

In a shocking turn of events, it appears that some supporters of former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley have betrayed President Donald Trump. A recent CNN poll found that a whopping seven out of ten Haley supporters in Iowa would not back Trump if he secures the Republican nomination in November. 

The poll even showed that around 30 percent of Republican respondents would refuse to support Haley if she were to secure the nomination. And if that wasn’t enough, another 28 percent said they couldn’t bring themselves to support the fantastic Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. What is wrong with these people?

20 percent of these respondents had the audacity to say they couldn’t support Trump in November. And to add insult to injury, a staggering seven out of ten pro-Haley supporters admitted they wouldn’t vote for Trump in a hypothetical rematch with Sleepy Joe Biden. 

Haley, bless her heart, has claimed that she will support Trump if he secures the nomination. Well, thank you for your half-hearted loyalty, Nikki. But let’s face it, her campaign has been filled with petty clashes with her former boss. She even had the nerve to say that “chaos” surrounds Trump. Come on, Haley, have you looked at the Democratic Party lately? They practically invented chaos.

It’s clear that Haley is trying to present herself as the “sensible option” amid all the supposed mayhem. But let’s not be fooled. The reality is that Trump was the right president at the right time. Haley may claim to agree with some of his policies, but her lack of loyalty and willingness to badmouth him on the campaign trail shows where her true alliance lies.

Despite all this drama, there are rumors that Haley might be considered as a running mate on a Trump ticket. I can already hear the collective gasps from the true Trump supporters. It’s a disheartening thought, considering the disappointment she has already caused.


Written by Staff Reports

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