Sinead’s Estate Slams Trump: “Nothing Compares 2” Misuse!

The estate of the late Irish musician Sinead O’Connor is crying foul after former President Donald Trump used her iconic song “Nothing Compares 2 U” at his campaign rallies. They are not only asking Trump to stop using the song immediately but also blasting him for misrepresenting O’Connor’s work. They released a joint statement with Chrysalis Records, slamming Trump’s use of the song and calling it an “outrage.” They declared that O’Connor would have been “disgusted, hurt, and insulted” to have her music associated with someone she once referred to as a “biblical devil.”

In a scathing interview with Ireland’s Hot Press magazine, O’Connor did not hold back in her criticism of Trump, accusing him of being a “Satanist” and labeling him a “biblical devil.” These strong words reflect her deep disdain for the former president, making it clear that she would never have approved of him using her music for his campaign rallies.

O’Connor’s passing in July 2023 came as a profound loss to the music industry and her worldwide fanbase. With her powerful vocals and fearless activism, she left an indelible mark on the music scene. Her iconic song “Nothing Compares 2 U,” released in 1990, remains a timeless classic that has touched the hearts of millions.

This clash between O’Connor’s estate and Trump is just the latest in a series of musicians expressing outrage over their music being associated with the former president. The likes of Rihanna and Adele have also voiced their opposition to Trump using their music at his rallies.

The battle between the estates of beloved artists and the former president further underscores the deep cultural and political divisions in the country. It’s a showdown between the legacy of revered musicians and the controversial figure of Donald Trump, with each side refusing to back down. The clash serves as a vivid reminder of the broader tensions that continue to simmer in American society.

Written by Staff Reports

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