Smith’s Trump Vendetta Rages On: SCOTUS Snub Sought

In a move that surprises absolutely no one, special counsel Jack Smith, who seems to have an inexplicable vendetta against former President Donald J. Trump, has once again opposed his request for the Supreme Court to intervene in his presidential immunity appeal. It’s like Smith can’t stand the thought of Trump getting a fair shake.

Trump had filed an emergency application on Monday, asking the Supreme Court to stay the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling that he is not immune from prosecution in the election interference case. But Smith wasted no time in responding, arguing that any delay in Trump’s case would violate the public interest in a “speedy and fair verdict.” Oh, the irony.

Smith’s filing, which came earlier than the Supreme Court’s requested deadline for a response, reeks of his eagerness to rush this case to trial. It’s almost as if he’s afraid that if there’s too much time for scrutiny and examination, his flimsy case against Trump will crumble like a house of cards.

Of course, let’s not forget that District Judge Tanya Chutkan had already denied Trump’s bid to dismiss the case based on presidential immunity back in December. But Chutkan, probably under Smith’s influence, decided to pause proceedings and even vacated the trial date. It’s clear that they’re playing games and trying to drag this out as long as possible.

And let’s not overlook the fact that the Supreme Court had previously declined Smith’s request to review the presidential immunity issue. They wanted the lower court to handle it first. But as soon as the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against Trump, Smith suddenly had a change of heart and wanted the Supreme Court’s involvement. Talk about selective decision-making.

Now, the timeline for Trump’s trial hangs in the balance, dependent on how the Supreme Court decides to handle the issue. Smith is desperate for an expedited schedule, hoping to push this through as quickly as possible. But why the rush? Could it be that Smith knows his case is weak and is hoping to catch Trump off guard?

It’s clear that Smith’s bias against Trump is clouding his judgment and distorting his sense of fairness. He should be seeking the truth, not rushing to judgment. It’s high time someone put a stop to this partisan witch-hunt and allowed Trump to defend himself properly. The American people deserve justice, not a politically motivated trial.

Written by Staff Reports

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