Smoking Gun Exposed: Hunter Biden Text Bombshell Ignites GOP Fury!

In 2018, Hunter Biden admitted in a text message that he had been paying his father's bills for over a decade. This has led to a lot of anger among House Republicans, who are accusing Biden of profiteering from his son's questionable business dealings.

The messages, which were obtained by the media, raised speculations that President Biden received over $20 million from Hunter's foreign deals. Despite his denials, the messages show that he was involved in these deals. In one of the messages, Hunter noted that his Wells Fargo bank account had been temporarily shut down due to too many cooks in his kitchen. He then asked his assistant, Katie, to help him pay for AT&T.

One of the most controversial parts of the text was when Hunter said that he had been paying his father's credit card bills for over a decade. This caught the attention of Congressman Elise Stefanik of New York. She called these revelations corruption and noted that Joe Biden was compromised.

The text messages have been used by House Republicans to accuse Biden of being politically compromised and prioritizing his own interests over those of the country. Clay Higgins of Louisiana called him a "heavily compromised" politician, while Paul Gosar of Arizona stated that Biden's involvement in money-laundering activities could lead to impeachment.

In 2010, Eric Schwerin, Hunter's business partner, told him that he was transferring money from Biden's tax refund check to Hunter's account. Another text message from 2019 revealed that the former vice president forced him to give some of his salary to his daughter Naomi. These revelations have further added to the allegations that the Biden family is involved in illegal activities.

After reading the text messages that were sent by Hunter Biden, House Republicans have called for an investigation and impeachment. They believe that the messages show that the former vice president has been compromised and has been profiteering from his position.

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