Stanford Prof’s Woke Math Ruins SF Schools: Meritocracy Takes Backseat to PC Agenda

Stanford University has long been known for its academic prestige, but it seems like the institution’s focus has shifted from excellence to promoting woke indoctrination and equity over meritocracy. Just last year, former Stanford University president Marc Tessier-Lavigne was forced to resign for manipulating research data, which is essentially academic plagiarism. It’s becoming a troubling trend in academia, where truth and accuracy are sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. Now, the spotlight is on Jo Boaler, a Stanford professor whose research is at the center of a failed math experiment in San Francisco.

Boaler, part of the Youcubed education center at Stanford, has been a driving force behind changing math education in California, from K-12 all the way into the UC system. Her methods, which claim to make mathematics more accessible and practical, have influenced countless students. However, a recent complaint alleges that Boaler has shown “reckless disregard for accuracy” in her work, citing numerous instances of misrepresenting supporting research to fit her conclusions. This kind of academic misconduct not only undermines the credibility of educational research but also harms the students who rely on it.

The repercussions of Boaler’s faulty research are evident in San Francisco’s decision to eliminate 8th-grade algebra, a policy influenced by her work. The experiment failed spectacularly, with math scores plummeting over the past decade, particularly among minority students. And it’s not just limited to San Francisco; the insidious influence of woke ideology infiltrates schools like Glassbrook Elementary in Hayward, where a quarter of a million dollars was spent on a program to combat supposed racism and oppression, only to worsen test scores and attendance.

The consequences of prioritizing ideology over academic rigor are staggering. The failure of these initiatives reflects a broader trend in education, where meritocracy is replaced by political agendas. It’s a disservice to students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, who deserve quality education based on truth and excellence. Hopefully, with the exposure of Boaler’s misconduct and the pushback against woke indoctrination, the future of education will veer back towards merit-based learning and away from biased, inaccurate research.

Written by Staff Reports

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