Stephen Miller to GOP: Fight Fire with Fire, Draft Criminal Referrals Now!

Stephen Miller, who was the White House advisor for Donald Trump's campaign, appeared on Fox News' Sunday Morning Futures program to urge House Republicans to prioritize criminal referrals for individuals related to the Russia investigation, including former President Joe Biden. Miller also discussed his concerns with the prosecutor's office politicization and the use of political repression as a weapon.

In four separate cases, Miller pointed out the numerous felony charges against Trump, who he said were part of a dark chapter in American history. He argued that if the Department of Justice and local prosecutors were able to interfere with the presidential election, then they would be able to do whatever they want with the innocent people in jail.

According to Miller, Republicans should use lawful means to fight back against the various conspiracies, such as the Russia hoax and illegal border activities.

In addition, he expressed his concerns about the lack of civil rights protections, the alleged RICO scheme involving Joe Biden's children, and the administration's suppression of free speech. Miller noted that in 2025, the Department of Justice must be honest in order to handle criminal referrals.

Miller stated that he was worried about the rising number of politically-motivated prosecutions, which he said is threatening the country's democracy. As a non-partisan organization, he aims to ensure that the Republican Party supports the legal defense of those who have been wrongly accused.

Miller urged House Republicans to refer criminal cases to local authorities alongside those handled by the Justice Department. He noted that the country's justice system is in danger of becoming a place where the left is protected from any wrongdoing while the right is incarcerated for doing nothing wrong. Miller said that such a state would lead to the end of democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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