Suffolk Poll Shows Biden Losing Black Voter Support in Key Swing States

A recent Suffolk poll of black voters in key swing states contains troubling news for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. In Pennsylvania, Biden only secures 56% of the black vote, a significant drop from 2020, while Trump gains 11%. Third party candidates also garner a notable portion of support. Similarly, in Michigan, Biden captures just 55% of the black vote, with Trump at 15% and third party candidates at 15%.

Editorial: Biden’s decreasing support among black voters showcases a growing trend. This decline is attributed to dissatisfaction with his performance as president, concerns about his age and mental sharpness, and his stance on international conflicts like the one involving Israel and Gaza.

Comparisons to Obama’s favorable ratings among black voters highlight Biden’s challenges. Trump, on the other hand, sees an increase in black voter support compared to 2020, which could play a decisive role in a closely contested election. It’s important to note Trump’s higher unfavorable ratings, but gaining more ground with black voters is a significant achievement.

Editorial: Trump’s enhanced support among black voters underscores the need for both parties to engage with this demographic. While polls show increased backing for Trump, converting this into votes will require strategic outreach efforts. Trump must continue to connect with black voters to solidify their electoral support.

In conclusion, the Suffolk poll signals a significant shift in black voter preferences in critical swing states, emphasizing the importance of addressing the concerns and priorities of this demographic for both political parties.

Written by Staff Reports

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