Supreme Court declines to hear parents’ case against Maryland transgender school policy

The United States Supreme Court did not agree to review a case about a “woke” transgender policy at a school district in Maryland. The parents, three of them, believed that the policy went against their rights, but a lower court disagreed.

The Montgomery County Board of Education had a policy in the 2020-2021 school year that allowed schools to make “support plans” for transgender students. This policy asked school staff to help transgender and gender nonconforming students feel comfortable with their preferred pronouns, names, and bathrooms, and prevented staff from telling parents about these plans without the student’s permission.

One mother and two fathers went to court in 2020, arguing that the policy went against their rights as parents under the U.S. Constitution’s 14th Amendment. They believed they should have a say in their children’s care.

Gene Hamilton, from American First Legal, wanted the Supreme Court to review the case. He thought that many federal judges were not doing their duty and were making wrong decisions based on the law.

In the past, some school districts have not told parents about their children’s gender identities, but many parents support knowing about these things.

Written by Staff Reports

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