Supreme Court Denies Missouri Standing in Biden Social Media Censorship Case

In a stunning move that likely left many conservatives shaking their heads, the Supreme Court decided on Wednesday that Missouri didn’t have the legal standing to challenge the Biden administration’s sneaky social media censorship tactics. Apparently, the six-justice majority, led by Amy Coney Barrett, thought it was more important to play legal hopscotch than to address the government’s meddling in free speech.

The case, which came into the spotlight as Missouri v. Biden, involved an ensemble of Republican attorneys general from Missouri, Louisiana, and a handful of other plaintiffs. They were audacious enough to question whether Grandpa Joe’s administration had overstepped its bounds by nudging tech giants into silencing so-called “controversial” posts. You know, little things like COVID-19 theories, election integrity, and Hunter Biden’s laptop drama – topics that just happen to make the left squirm.

If one needed more evidence that the federal government might be living out its Orwellian fantasy, look no further than the earlier ruling by a federal judge in Louisiana. That judge painted a picture that could be straight out of a dystopian novel, describing how Uncle Sam seemed to be wearing the robes of an unwelcome “Ministry of Truth.” The CDC, DHS, FBI – these guys weren’t having casual water cooler chats with Facebook or YouTube. They were basically the babysitters ensuring that only Uncle Joe-approved narratives were being spoon-fed to the public.

The Louisiana federal judge wasn’t just blowing smoke; he even slapped down a preliminary injunction to put some distance between government busybodies and social media overlords. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals saw some sense and partially agreed, maintaining that certain agencies had no business moderating online debates. But hey, why stop a good thing, right? In swooped the Supreme Court to reexamine everything and deliver this bewildering verdict.

With this decision, the highest court in the land might as well have given the Biden administration a golden ticket to keep whispering (or shouting) into the ears of America’s social media moguls. For now, it seems like the battle for free speech is taking yet another hit, leaving conservatives wary of just how far this cozy relationship between big government and big tech will go.

Written by Staff Reports

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