Supreme Court Rejects Bump Stock Ban, Biden Asylum Policy May Be Next

The Supreme Court’s latest showdown is shaking some liberal cages, especially with their decision to shoot down a Trump-era bump stock ban. This verdict could send ripples through President Joe Biden’s freshly minted asylum restrictions.

Let’s paint the picture. The court ruled that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives went overboard when they classified bump stocks as machine guns. The message was clear: It’s Congress’s job to legislate bans, not unruly federal agencies. If this logic holds up, as former Obama-appointed U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance suggests, Biden’s executive action on asylum seekers might crumble faster than a Democratic fundraising drive in Kentucky.

In his typically sharp fashion, Justice Samuel Alito hammered home the point in last week’s Garland v. Cargill decision. Alito noted that despite the tragic Las Vegas shooting in 2017, the law’s text remains unchanged. Just because an event highlights the need for legislative change doesn’t mean one can ignore the law. Essentially, Alito’s message was: the law is the law, even if CNN doesn’t like it.

Scratching her head on the CAFE Insider podcast, Joyce Vance wondered aloud if Alito’s constitutional fidelity would extend to Biden’s recent executive order on asylum. She emphasized that the wording of the statutes remains the ultimate guide, not the whimpers coming from the liberal media or executive overreach.

Biden’s executive order aims to turn away most asylum-seekers entering via the southern border if the daily arrests by Border Patrol exceed 2,500. This new rule would be relaxed after two weeks of reduced apprehensions, capped at 1,500 daily. It’s reminiscent of a bipartisan border bill, which was, predictably, left to gather dust in the Senate.

Unsurprisingly, this order attracts legal vultures, with the American Civil Liberties Union promising to pounce. Buckle up, folks. Biden’s latest attempt to micromanage from the Oval Office might soon be in the Supreme Court’s crosshairs.

Written by Staff Reports

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