Ted Cruz Criticizes Democrats for Abandoning Blue-Collar Workers

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke out about the Democratic Party’s shift away from supporting blue-collar workers, claiming that they now cater more to Hollywood celebrities and billionaires. This comes after President Biden attended a fundraiser with actors George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and former President Obama in Los Angeles, while former President Trump visited a church in Detroit, Michigan.

Cruz emphasized the contrast between these events, arguing that the Democratic Party has abandoned blue-collar workers. He highlighted the impact of environmental regulations on steelworkers and the challenges faced by truck drivers due to regulations, noting that these policies make it harder for workers to stay in business and survive.

In addition, Cruz pointed to the recent minimum wage hike in California, which has led to the closure of multiple restaurant chain locations, as evidence of the Democratic leadership’s failure to support workers. He praised Trump’s approach to supporting workers and expressed optimism about Trump’s policies, suggesting that ending taxes on tip wages could win over the blue-collar vote and potentially secure the state of Nevada for the former president.

Cruz also discussed a meeting with Trump and other Republicans, describing the atmosphere as one of unity and optimism. He stressed the importance of winning the upcoming election to “turn the country around.”

Finally, Cruz highlighted local pastor Lorenzo Sewell’s praise for Trump’s visit to Detroit, noting that the former president’s presence in the community was appreciated, especially in contrast to the absence of Obama and Biden in similar areas during their campaigns.

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