Ted Cruz EXPOSES Biden’s Real Motives Behind Forgiving Student Loans

The decision by the Biden administration to erase student loans totaling billions of dollars was made all of a sudden, just a few short months before the elections in November, and many people are questioning the motivations behind this move.

The government of President Joe Biden doesn't give a hoot about the rising rate of crime, the sharp increase in inflation, or the emergence of a new global recession.

This same administration made the decision to cancel student loans only a few short months before the election, making it appear as though they are finally doing something for the American people.

Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican, had something to say about the unexpected 'kindness' shown by the Democrat president.

This one is not free from the myriad political or personal objectives that the Democrats have been pursuing ever since the beginning of the Biden administration, just like every other item that the Democrats have done.

Cruz is of the opinion that the only reason Biden could have chosen to do this, especially at such a key time, would be to influence election results in his favor. He has offered his opinion on this matter.

He stated that all of this could turn out poorly for the Democrats.
Permit me, though, to present the counterargument, which is that it might be a political tour de force.

On Friday's episode of "Verdict with Ted Cruz," Cruz mentioned that there is a real possibility that this move by Biden may increase the number of Democrats who vote in the upcoming midterm elections.

Cruz made the point that twenty thousand dollars is a lot of money for anyone, and that it is more than enough money to purchase votes.

Even a citizen of the United States who had no intention of casting a ballot previous to receiving this handout would almost immediately feel thankful to the Biden administration for this one time.

Because he has recently been given a significant gift, this citizen of the United States is able to go so far as to campaign for Vice President Joe Biden and encourage people to vote for the Democrats.

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