Ted Cruz Torches Biden’s SOTU: Radical Grumpy Old Man?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) did not hold back his criticism of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, tearing into the speech with a fiery passion that left jaws dropping. Cruz, appearing on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, did not mince his words in describing the speech as a tirade filled with anger and bitterness.

In Cruz’s expert opinion, Biden’s performance resembled that of a grumpy old man shouting at kids to get off his lawn. The Senator from Texas highlighted how Biden’s speech was laced with radicalism and extremism, completely out of touch with the average American. It was as if Biden was giving a terrible campaign speech to an audience he had already written off.

What’s even more egregious, according to Cruz, is Biden’s blatant disregard for bipartisanship and unity. Instead of reaching out to Republicans, the president seemed to dismiss them entirely, along with any independent voters. Cruz noted that Biden’s strategy appeared aimed at pleasing the radical left, leaving the other half of the electorate feeling alienated and ignored.

Throughout the address, Cruz observed that Republicans were left sitting in their seats, barely engaged, as Biden spewed what he described as a stream of lies. The Senator expressed disbelief at the lack of effort from Biden to bring people together, a stark departure from the tradition of appealing to both parties during the State of the Union.

Cruz did not hold back in labeling Biden’s State of the Union as a colossal failure. With the intensity of a thousand suns, Cruz exposed the speech for what he believed it was – a desperate attempt by a floundering president to salvage his sinking reelection bid. It wouldn’t be a surprise if history remembers this address as one of the worst in American history.

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