Teen Hero: 13-Year-Old Arms Himself, Fends off Home Intruder Like a Pro!

In a courageous act to protect his family, a brave teenager stood up to a home intruder on Friday night. The incident has left the community shaken, but thanks to the responsible gun ownership of the potential victims, they were unharmed in the end.

According to court documents, the situation unfolded when Juan Saavedra, a 36-year-old transient, attempted to forcefully enter the home. Phoenix Police officers were alerted to a burglary in progress call and arrived on the scene to find Saavedra suffering from gunshot wounds. The alleged victim had received a motion notification from her security system and spotted Saavedra on her security camera. She confronted him, warning him to leave or risk being shot. She then ran inside to call the police and retrieve her firearm for protection. Saavedra, undeterred, went to the carport door and shattered the glass windowpane, reaching inside. It was at this point that the 13-year-old son took action, fearing for the safety of himself and his family. He grabbed the firearm from his mother and fired, striking Saavedra.

Saavedra, who had a history of arrests and convictions, claimed he was under the influence of methamphetamine and mistakenly believed he was trying to access his son’s residence. He now faces charges of second-degree burglary and has been issued a cash-only bond of $50,000. The community members, although shaken, expressed gratitude that the victims were unharmed and praised their ability to defend themselves. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible gun ownership and being prepared for unexpected threats.

Written by Staff Reports

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