Tester Tapped by Tycoons: Big Bucks Behind “Anti-Billionaire” Bluster

Senator Jon Tester of Montana has been caught with his hand in the billionaire cookie jar, despite his relentless grandstanding against the rich and powerful. The Democratic senator, who loves to rant about the influence of billionaires in politics, is actually quite cozy with them when it comes to filling his own campaign coffers. The same wealthy individuals he publicly denounces have been funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into Tester’s campaign for years. Hypocrisy, much?

The fact that Tester continues to accept large sums from billionaires doesn’t just raise eyebrows, it also exposes him to charges of being a duplicitous political player. In the past, the senator promised transparency in his dealings with lobbyists, but surprise, surprise! He conveniently forgot about that pledge when he raked in more than $400,000 from these very lobbyists last year. And to top it off, internal emails have revealed that the hemp industry lobbyists had a significant hand in crafting a bill that Tester introduced. Funny how the senator claims he doesn’t “depend upon” lobbyists when his actions say otherwise.

But wait, there’s more! Even as Tester vehemently rails against “out-of-state billionaires” trying to meddle in Montana’s elections, he doesn’t mind pocketing a hefty $32,000 from the notorious liberal billionaire George Soros and his family members. And it doesn’t stop there. His reelection campaign has also been padded with donations from the likes of ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt, venture capitalist Gary Lauder, philanthropist Jon Stryker, and several other deep-pocketed individuals. It seems that Tester’s crusade against billionaires stops at his own campaign doorstep.

To add insult to injury, the Senator has also been cozying up to well-heeled donors from the banking and venture capitalist industries. According to OpenSecrets, Tester has raked in more cash from these sectors than any other senator this election cycle. It’s no wonder he’s not returning any requests for comment. Can you blame him?

In true two-faced fashion, Tester preaches about keeping elections free from the influence of billionaires while gladly accepting their cash behind closed doors. It’s no wonder that the Republican Senate candidate, Tim Sheehy’s campaign spokeswoman, has labeled him as “Two-Faced Tester,” highlighting how he has enriched himself in the corridors of power and rubbed elbows with lobbyists for nearly two decades. Tester’s supposed dedication to Montanans seems to be at odds with his hefty reliance on out-of-state billionaires and super PACs.

The upcoming 2024 Senate race in Montana is shaping up to be a showdown between Senator Tester and his Republican contender, Tim Sheehy, who has earned the endorsement of none other than former President Donald Trump. With even one of Tester’s former rivals dropping out due to a lack of viable prospects, it’s clear that his political posturing may not hold up under scrutiny.

The fiery rhetoric about overturning Citizens United, combined with Tester’s blatant acceptance of big bucks from billionaires, paints a picture of a politician who says one thing and does another. No matter how much he tries to paint his campaign as a grassroots effort, the hefty checks from billionaires suggest otherwise. Tester’s facade of being a champion for the people is crumbling, and Montanans will need to decide whether they want a senator who talks the talk or walks the walk.

Written by Staff Reports

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