Texas Border Triumph: Trump & Abbott Slash Crossings by 99%!

In the bustling border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, a monumental victory has been achieved in the fight against illegal immigration. The heroic efforts of former President Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott have brought about a seismic 99% decrease in illegal border crossings practically overnight. This is a triumph of epic proportions, a testament to the unwavering commitment of the conservative leaders to protecting the sovereignty and security of our great nation.

The remarkable achievement was revealed during President Trump’s recent visit to Eagle Pass, where he was presented with an 11-page report detailing the extraordinary progress. The report, aptly titled “DJT Brief,” showcased the dramatic decline in illegal crossings, thanks to the swift and decisive action taken by the state of Texas.

The measures implemented by the Texas National Guard, under the leadership of Governor Abbott, have proven to be enormously successful. By fortifying the border with barricades and copious amounts of concertina wire, the state effectively sealed off the area and put a stop to the rampant illegal immigration that had plagued Eagle Pass.

Under the new security measures, the state saw a staggering drop in the number of daily illegal crossings, from over 4,000 at the peak of the surge to a mere 18 apprehensions per day. This is a monumental win for Texas and a resounding defeat for those seeking to flout our laws and infiltrate our country unlawfully.

President Trump praised the operation as a “military operation,” recognizing the tireless efforts of the Texas National Guard in securing the border and keeping our communities safe from the scourge of illegal immigration.

The success in Eagle Pass is a clear testament to the effectiveness of conservative border security initiatives, including the deployment of concertina wire, the construction of border walls, and the implementation of anti-climb panels. These robust measures have not only curtailed illegal immigration in Texas but have also shifted the flow of illegal immigrants away from the state, demonstrating the resounding impact of strong conservative leadership.

Despite the overwhelming success of these measures, the Biden administration has inexplicably sought to undermine the efforts of Texas, even going so far as to sue Governor Abbott in a blatant attempt to dismantle the crucial security measures that have proven to be so effective. This egregious overreach by the federal government is a direct assault on the sovereignty of Texas and a blatant disregard for the safety and security of American citizens.

The unwavering defiance of Governor Abbott in the face of federal pressure is a testament to the resilience of conservative leadership and a clear message to the Biden administration that Texas will not back down in the fight to secure our borders and protect our communities.


Written by Staff Reports

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