Texas Fights Back: Senate Passes Border Bill, Crushes Biden’s Open-Door Policy

Last week, the Texas Senate took a stand against the chaos caused by President Biden’s lax immigration policies. With a resounding 19-12 vote, they passed Senate Bill 11, also known as the “Border Bill,” granting the state the power to authorize state troopers to apprehend illegal immigrants who brazenly enter our country unlawfully.

Under this groundbreaking legislation, first-time offenders might face the consequences of a misdemeanor conviction. But for those repeat offenders with a criminal record, the stakes are even higher—they could find themselves facing a felony conviction. Finally, some real accountability for those who continuously flout our laws!

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a champion for law and order, wasted no time praising the bill on X (formerly known as Twitter). With the Border Bill, Texas is sending a strong message that it refuses to stand idly by while the federal government turns a blind eye to its duty of enforcing immigration laws. Take that, Biden!

But the Texas Senate didn’t stop there—oh no! In another impressive display of resolve, they also passed Senate Bill 4. This bill aims to crack down on the despicable practice of smuggling illegal immigrants or operating stash houses. By increasing the minimum sentence for these offenses, Texas is taking a bold stance to deter and punish those who profit from the suffering of others. Good riddance to these heartless criminals!

And just when you thought Texas couldn’t get any tougher on border security, Governor Abbott dropped another bombshell on X. The Lone Star State will soon start erecting fencing along its border with New Mexico. By fortifying its barriers, Texas will ensure that the waves of illegal migrants, who had previously exploited the weakness of neighboring states, will face a formidable obstacle in their quest to enter our great nation unlawfully. Take that, lawbreakers!

Of course, Governor Abbott has faced backlash for his unwavering commitment to protecting Texans and upholding the rule of law. Earlier this year, he found himself embroiled in a lawsuit over his decision to install floating buoy barriers in the Rio Grande—an attempt to deter illegal immigration. But the Department of Justice, under Biden’s leadership, had the audacity to argue that the federal government has jurisdiction over the waterway. Can you believe their nerve?

But Governor Abbott refuses to back down. He stands firm, ready to defend our beloved state from the invasion of Mexican drug cartels and anyone else who dares to enter illegally. With steely determination, he vows to uphold our sovereignty and ensure that the Texan way of life remains unscathed by the chaos wrought by open borders and lax immigration policies.

God bless Governor Abbott and his unwavering commitment to protecting the great state of Texas from the dangers of illegal immigration. We can only hope that other states will follow his lead and prioritize the safety and security of their citizens over the whims of an ineffective and misguided administration. Let freedom ring, and let our borders be secure once more!

Written by Staff Reports

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