The Federal Government Continues Its Investigation Into the Biden Family Crime Organization

Joe and Hunter are seeing the walls around them crumble.

A recent source indicates that criminal charges are currently being drafted against members of the Biden Crime Family because federal prosecutors can no longer ignore the egregiously illegal crimes that have been committed by the Biden Crime Family.

After repeated data dumps from his "Laptop From Hell" exposed Joe's struggling son performing several felonious activities, including human trafficking, firearms crimes, and tax fraud, prosecutors are contemplating whether or not to press charges against Hunter Biden.

Leaked text texts between Joe and Hunter reveal the existence of a vast organized criminal ring consisting of back-door agreements with America's enemies coupled with a payment structure requiring family members to forego a percentage of their salary. The messages were sent between Joe and Hunter.

According to various sources, the investigation that is being directed by David Weiss, who is the United States attorney for the district of Delaware, is evaluating whether or not to pursue charges of tax crimes, foreign lobbying violations, gun charges, and other things.

After a video surfaced showing the troubled Biden son weighing huge amounts of crack cocaine, the prosecutors are taking into consideration whether or not to press narcotics charges against Hunter.

In the meantime, Joe Biden has launched unparalleled attacks on law-abiding gun owners, all while his crackhead sun displays a flagrant disrespect for rules governing gun control.

In recent discussions among detectives, charges for lying under oath in connection to the acquisition of a firearm have also been taken into consideration. This is despite the fact that no decision regarding charges has been reached. According to individuals who spoke to CNN, Biden has admitted that he suffered with drug addiction during that time period, which is one of the factors that should have prohibited him from receiving the firearms.

Since 2018, the federal government has been looking into the financial and business interactions that Biden has had with international entities extending all the way back to when his father was in the vice presidency. Prosecutors are currently disputing whether or not the Department of Justice criteria that surround sensitive political inquiries during an election year apply, as the inquiry draws closer and closer to its conclusion.

If the Republicans are successful in gaining a majority in the House of Representatives, Republican legislators have signaled that they intend to launch their own inquiry into Joe Biden and his business transactions, including payments made to escorts with ties to Russia. The chances of the Republican Party retaking control of the House of Representatives are very good.

Despite the fact that there is evidence to the contrary, Joe Biden has not been involved in the federal investigation that is being conducted into Hunter's commercial operations, and the President continues to insist that he is not involved in Hunter's business.

It is now very evident why Joe Biden and the White House are doing everything in their power to distance themselves from this issue that could kill Joe Biden's career.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on The Continental Daily.

Written by Staff Reports

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