Trans Activist Clashes With Host Over Pronouns on Live TV

In a recent appearance on TalkTV, tensions arose when a trans activist insisted that she be referred to by they/them pronouns. The activist, Shivani Dave, was invited to discuss a report on medical and social services for transgender children in England. When the host, Julia Hartley-Brewer, referred to Dave as “she,” Dave immediately corrected her, stating that her pronouns are they/them.

Hartley-Brewer defended her use of grammatically correct pronouns and expressed her refusal to use what she considers to be incorrect grammar. The debate continued as Dave asserted her identity as a non-binary trans person and emphasized the importance of using correct pronouns. The conversation later shifted to the Cass Review, a report on transgender health services in England, authored by Dr. Hilary Cass.

Cass’s report raised concerns about the long-term effects of medical interventions, such as puberty blockers, on transgender children. Despite these findings, Dave suggested that implementing some of Cass’s conclusions could benefit transgender children. However, Hartley-Brewer expressed skepticism about the concept of “trans children,” sparking further debate between the two.

This exchange highlights the ongoing conflict between trans activists and those who uphold traditional grammar and view gender identity differently. The article emphasizes the importance of standing up for objective truths and criticizing the trend of subjective “truths” that disregard empirical evidence. Additionally, the article calls upon readers to support The Western Journal in fighting against the suppression of truth by Big Tech and the elites in the upcoming 2024 election.

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