Trans Activists Stoop Low: Label Detransitioners ‘Fascists’ in Texas!

During a Let Women Speak event in Texas, a group of trans activists disrupted the event and referred to detransitioners as fascists. The rally's goal was to call for sex-segregated facilities for women in various places, such as prisons, shelters, and restrooms. The event also provided a space for individuals who had transitioned.

When Laura Becker, who had a breast removed due to her hormone treatments when she was 19, was at the event, she was disturbed by the actions of the activists. She and other feminists were merely sharing their experiences when the fascists tried to drown them out. The activists then chanted slogans such as "Trans rights are human rights" and "Fascists have got to go."

According to Becker, the activists acted like they were in a trance, and they referred to the women who were at the event as "TERFS," which stands for radical feminists who are excluded from mainstream society. The "Let Women Speak" campaigners responded by asserting that women's rights are human rights.

During the event, an activist from the LGBT community criticized the concept of gender ideology. She claimed that forcing people to conform to a gender identity they don't identify with is equivalent to attempting to convert them into heterosexuality.

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