Trans Lawmaker’s Dark Secret: Child Exploitation & Biden’s PC Silence

In a shocking turn of events, the first openly transgender person to be elected to a state legislature has been charged with sexually exploiting children. Barry Laughton, also known as Stacie Marie, made history as the first transgender lawmaker but has now shattered that glass ceiling by becoming America’s first trans lawmaker to face federal charges for child pornography-related crimes. It’s a disturbing reminder that even those who claim to fight for justice and equality can be capable of heinous acts.

What’s truly perplexing is the way the Biden administration’s Justice Department has handled this case. Rather than denouncing the alleged pedophile, they chose to affirm Laughton’s gender identity, referring to the individual as “a woman” throughout their announcement. This ridiculous attempt at political correctness only serves to downplay the severity of the charges and further push the left’s agenda of LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

According to charging documents, Laughton exchanged over 10,000 texts with Lindsay Groves, a child caretaker at a daycare center, in which they discussed raping children and sharing child sexual abuse images. The images involved three-year-old toddlers with their genitals exposed, and the conversations between Laughton and Groves revealed their disturbing desire to sexually assault these innocent children.

It’s important to note that Laughton’s criminal history extends far beyond this recent case. They have a laundry list of previous convictions, including felony charges for identity fraud and making bomb threats. Despite this troubling background, Laughton was able to win multiple elections and serve as a state representative until their resignation. It’s a glaring example of the flaws in our political system and the lack of vetting that goes into selecting our elected officials.

As conservatives, we must stand firm against these horrific acts and demand justice for the victims. We cannot be swayed by the left’s attempts to protect their own and downplay the severity of these crimes. Our focus should always be on protecting our children and ensuring that those who prey on them are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. It’s time for the Biden administration to prioritize the safety of our most vulnerable citizens over their misguided attempts at promoting inclusivity.

Written by Staff Reports

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