Trump Battles Back as Liberal Judges Plot Takedown

Former President Donald Trump is still standing strong against the liberal attacks, defending his right to immunity from prosecution. He used the example of former President Barack Obama dropping missiles that ended up harming innocent civilians. Trump pointed out that if Obama had faced any consequences, it would have been because he “meant well,” but he hinted that Obama might have faced repercussions if he didn’t have the protection of presidential immunity.

Trump’s legal team is fighting hard for his immunity, arguing that a president must have full protection from prosecution in order to do the job effectively.
But the liberal judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit are still deliberating, dragging their feet instead of making a decision.

It’s clear that the liberal elites are determined to bring down Trump at any cost. Even though a district judge already denied his motion to dismiss the indictment, the case still hangs over him like a dark cloud, waiting for the liberal judges to make their move.

But Trump won’t back down. He’s not going to let the radical left trample on his rights, and he’s fighting tooth and nail to protect himself from their relentless attacks. And with his strong legal team and unwavering determination, Trump is ready to face anything the liberals throw his way.

This is just another example of the liberals’ endless witch hunt against a true patriot who is standing up for conservative values. But as always, Trump will keep fighting for what’s right and won’t let the liberal swamp take him down.

Written by Staff Reports

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