Trump Blasts Biden for Surge in Migrant Crime Wave

Former President Donald Trump recently sat down with Breitbart News to discuss what he calls a new category of crime in the United States: “migrant crime.” Trump pointed the finger at President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats, blaming their policies for allowing this new category of crime to emerge. According to Trump, many of the migrants entering the United States are “bad people” and “mentally ill.”

During the interview, Trump emphasized the impact on American families, highlighting the tragic story of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student who was murdered by a migrant. Trump has made efforts to support “Angel Families,” those who have lost loved ones due to crimes committed by migrants. He even met with Riley’s parents at a recent rally and intends to continue supporting these families throughout the year.

Trump specifically criticized Biden for allowing criminals from Central American countries to enter the United States. He went as far as suggesting that Venezuela is sending criminals to the border, causing a surge in crime. According to Trump, the situation is so severe that even the police are having physical altercations with migrants, something he claims he has never witnessed before.

Additionally, Trump expressed his concern regarding the strain on big cities like New York City due to the influx of migrants. He questioned the sudden availability of billions of dollars to address the problem and warned that these migrants are “tough people” who pose a threat to American cities.

In Trump’s view, Biden’s immigration policies have led to a surge in migrant crime, with potentially dangerous individuals entering the country unlawfully. Trump’s stance aligns with his long-held views on border security and immigration control, advocating for stricter measures to protect American citizens.

Written by Staff Reports

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