Trump Camp Sets Trap, Poses High Expectations for Biden Ahead of Debate

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign is stepping into the arena with a twist ahead of Thursday night’s debate. Though they’ve spent the past two years slamming Biden’s physical and mental states, they’re now upping the ante and setting high expectations for him. Hypocrisy? Not exactly. It’s all part of a strategy that keeps everyone guessing. After all, who better to outfox the political game than the man who’s been playing 4D chess since 2016?

Trump’s key advisers, Jason Miller and Chris LaCivita, cautioned the press that Biden would be like a super soldier, fresh off a week at Camp David and ready to rumble. And why wouldn’t he be? They implied he’s getting a little pharmaceutical “help,” possibly Adderall, to keep him on his game. 

Take note: this isn’t the first time claims of performance-enhancing drugs have popped up like gophers on Biden’s lawn. Rep. Ronny Jackson even wrote a letter to the White House calling for drug tests before and after the debate. Maybe it’s just a precaution; after all, Biden did surprise some folks at his State of the Union address earlier this year.

Team Biden, unsurprisingly, cried foul and accused Trump of slinging desperate, obvious lies. It’s an age-old tactic that reeks of projection. If Biden’s camp were so confident, they wouldn’t need to get worked up over a little pre-game banter, now would they?

The real fun begins when the debate takes the stage. Biden, known for blaming Trump for everything from global warming to his misplaced reading glasses, is expected to continue singing that tired tune. Miller prepped the press, noting Biden would likely lie through his teeth the whole night. It’s almost like predicting rain in Seattle – hardly news, but worth mentioning, just in case.

Things could get even spicier with CNN holding the moderator reins. The Trump team expressed concerns about whether the network might try to skew the night’s events in favor of Biden. This isn’t just paranoia; CNN has a history that doesn’t exactly scream “neutral.” With control over microphone cut-offs and other debate mechanics, the network could play a significant role in how things unfold. Will CNN act as a mere facilitator of the debate or step into the ring as a willing participant? That question looms large, and judging by past performances, skepticism isn’t uncalled for.

One thing’s for sure: Thursday night is primed to be less about policy details and more about who can outmaneuver whom. Trump’s campaign is crafting a narrative, Biden’s team scrambles to dismiss it, and CNN holds the keys to the kingdom. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride.

Written by Staff Reports

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