Trump & Carlson Crush Libs with Record 212M Views!

In a display of dominance, Tucker Carlson’s interview with Donald Trump, which was titled "Debate Night," was met with shock and awe by the liberal media. The discussion, which took place on the 19th episode of Carlson's show, managed to generate over 200 million views in just a couple of hours. To put this in perspective, back in 2015, the debate between Trump and CNN only managed to reach 24 million viewers.

According to Rich Baris, a pollster, the difference between the two events is stark. In 2015, for instance, when Fox News broke the ratings record for a debate, 24 million viewers watched it. Now, almost 190 million people watched Trump's interview with Tucker Carlson.

During an interview with Tucker Carlson, Sebastian Gorka, a conservative pundit, declared that the Fox News Channel is dead. He claimed that 75 million viewers watched Tucker and Donald Trump in one hour. This interview only reinforced the idea that the establishment media is starting to lose its way.

The appeal of former President George HW Bush has not diminished, with millions watching him deliver his speech. Let's also not forget about Carlson, who has maintained his success since he left the network. Although Fox was the host of the debate, it seems that Carlson was the winner, as his unique outlook and fearlessness proved to be a resounding success.

Carlson aggressively questioned Trump about the various attempts by his political opponents to silence him. He even went as far as to suggest that they may have tried to have him assassinated. Trump's response showed how absurd these tactics are, as he noted that even though the investigations are not working, his poll numbers are rising. It's clear that he is still a powerful force to be considered.

Trump maintained that the recent indictments of several individuals were another attempt by the radical left to sabotage his political career. Carlson pressed Trump further, and the two talked about the possibility of a violent confrontation. The president responded by calling the people who were charged “sick,” a clear reference to the hate and violence displayed by the left.

Despite the various attempts made by the radical left to ruin his legacy and remove him from office, Trump is still determined to serve the American people. He noted that there are still good individuals within the Democratic Party, though he sees the corruption and other wrongdoing that has been carried out against them. Trump's insistence on the country's greatness is something that many Americans find appealing.

The interview, which was conducted on the strength of the conservative movement and the alternative media, proved to be a resounding success. It showed how the American people are capable of defeating the liberal media. It also showed that Trump's supporters are still passionate about him.

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