Trump Compares Biden Administration to Gestapo at Mar-a-Lago Event

Former President Donald Trump recently made headlines by comparing the current Biden administration to the infamous Gestapo during a private donor event at Mar-a-Lago. According to multiple reports, Trump alleged that the Biden administration was running a Gestapo administration, which he characterized as their only strategy to win. Trump has been vocal in his criticism of the Biden administration, particularly as he faces multiple criminal cases, emphasizing his belief that the current president is “the worst president in the history of our country.”

While his hush-money case is ongoing, Trump took the opportunity to hit the campaign trail, making stops in Michigan and Wisconsin. Despite his limited time for campaigning, recent polls show him leading Biden in several swing states, indicating a favorable response from the public. Additionally, Trump’s lead in national polls suggests a significant shift from the polling data four years ago when Biden led. 


The private event at Mar-a-Lago also featured potential running mates for Trump in the upcoming election, including Sen. Tim Scott, Sen. J.D. Vance, and Gov. Kristi Noem. Reports suggest that Trump is still in the initial stages of selecting a running mate for the November election, indicating a strategic and deliberate approach to building his team for the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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