Trump Crushes DeSantis in Nevada Polls, GOP Voters Bet on Don!

In a shocking development, the latest poll results conducted by National Research Inc. show former President Donald Trump leading the upcoming Nevada Republican Primary by an enormous margin, leaving Governor Ron DeSantis in his wake. Trump has managed to capture the hearts and minds of the Nevada voters, with a staggering 53% of the likely primary voters, a resounding feat compared to DeSantis’ meager 21%.

The poll’s results further reveal that Trump reigns supreme even among various voter demographics, including a 37-point lead over DeSantis with voters who view both candidates favorably, with significant dominance noted among voters who are highly motivated to vote in the primary. Even those who have seen campaign ads promoting both candidates favor Trump in the survey.

The survey reflects where the voters believe each candidate’s strengths lie, making it clear that Trump is the best candidate to improve the economy, with a remarkable 64% of voters backing him, while a meager 11% opt for DeSantis. Trump also spares no punches when it comes to far-left progressive opponents as he is seen as a stronger rival. Not surprisingly, Trump leads by an astonishing ten points over DeSantis on which candidate has the best chance of defeating President Biden.

Nevada is a critical state in Republican primary elections, and Trump’s lead undoubtedly puts him in a favorable position since recent history shows the state has traditionally leaned Democrat. Given the significance of the state’s electoral votes, the outcome of the Nevada Republican Primary could determine the 2024 Presidential election. As the primary voters’ top concerns include liberal politicians in DC, the border crisis, and election and ballot security, Trump’s policies on these issues remain aligned with the voters’ interests, making him the clear favorite among the Nevada Republican primary voters.

The National Research Inc survey provides compelling evidence of the steadfast support that Trump has garnered from the Republican Party and the Nevada primary voters. The media’s persistent portrayal of Governor DeSantis as the new face of the GOP has failed to impress Nevada’s Republican voters, with Trump remaining their preferred choice for the 2024 Presidential elections. It is noteworthy that National Research Inc is an independent firm that has served the Republican Party for decades, offering a non-partisan and unbiased perspective on the Nevada Republican Primary’s state.

Written by Staff Reports

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