Trump Dunks on Jack Smith: Claims He’s Losing Politically!

Former President Donald Trump has expressed confidence in his ability to win the public opinion war against Special Counsel Jack Smith. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Trump claimed that Smith’s recent filings in the ongoing legal cases against him indicate that Smith knows he is losing. According to Trump, people are angry about the weaponization of the Justice Department and the FBI against political opponents. He criticized Biden’s leadership, stating that Biden has done more damage to the country in three years than the ten worst presidents combined.

Trump also accused Smith of being “straight out of central casting,” and has officially moved to ask the court to hold Smith in contempt for making filings despite a stay on proceedings in the January 6 case. Trump argued that he is immune from prosecution because his actions challenging the election results were official actions taken as the then-president. He also criticized Smith’s recent filing asking the court to prevent Trump from speaking about Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to accept the deployment of troops on January 6, calling it “ridiculous.” Trump believes Smith’s attempts to silence him indicate that he is effectively defending himself.

Trump further explained his argument for immunity, stating that he had an obligation to investigate the alleged rigging and corruption in the 2020 election. He claimed that he was not campaigning at the time, but was focused on law enforcement and fairness in elections. Trump’s immunity claim has resulted in a holdup in the charges brought against him by Smith, with the case potentially extending past the 2024 general election. Trump has previously stated that he would fire Smith if he were elected president again, citing his dishonesty.


Written by Staff Reports

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