Trump Joins Logan Paul on TikTok Amid Ban Threats, Teases Podcast Appearance

Former President Donald Trump made an appearance on TikTok, the popular social media platform, where he posted a video of himself with WWE U.S. champion Logan Paul. The short video showed the two men standing face-to-face and exchanging smiles and laughter. This interaction served as a teaser for an upcoming appearance, where Trump is set to be a guest on Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive. 

Paul expressed excitement about Trump’s appearance on his podcast, boasting about the significance of interviewing the former president. Taking to social media, Paul described the opportunity as a “glow up,” highlighting the progression from his past experiences to now interviewing a former United States president. 


This wasn’t Trump’s first foray into TikTok. Since creating his account, he has gained an impressive following, amassing over 6 million followers and nearly 7 million likes within the first 12 days. However, TikTok faces the threat of a potential ban in the U.S., as lawmakers have sought to pressure the Chinese-owned company that owns the platform to sell it. President Joe Biden signed a law in April with plans to ban TikTok from U.S. app stores by January 19, 2025.

In response to these potential bans, Trump had previously promised never to ban TikTok if elected as president again. His growing presence on the social media platform signifies his commitment to engaging with a wide audience and connecting with younger demographics.

Overall, Trump’s TikTok activity reflects his effort to stay relevant in the digital sphere and maintain an active presence in the public eye, even after leaving the presidency. It highlights his willingness to embrace new forms of media and engage with younger audiences, despite the controversy surrounding the platform itself.

Written by Staff Reports

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