Trump Jr. Trolls Left with Hilarious Meme, Triggers Safe Space Meltdown

Donald Trump Jr., the master of triggering the liberal snowflakes, struck again with a hilarious meme that sent Michelle Obama fans crying to their safe spaces. The meme, which jokingly suggests Michelle Obama might be a man and Barack Obama might be hiding in the closet, had the lefties throwing fits faster than a Bernie Sanders supporter spotting a “Make America Great Again” hat.

One of the triggered lefties, Martina Navratilova, an ex-tennis player turned liberal mouthpiece, couldn’t handle the joke and went on a Twitter tirade against Trump Jr. Poor Martina must have forgotten that comedy is allowed, even in the overly-sensitive land of social media warriors.

The meme, posted on what some call “Transgender Day of Visibility,” lasted about as long as Hillary Clinton’s honesty on Trump’s inauguration day. Despite the outrage from the perpetually offended, Trump Jr. doesn’t cower in fear at the woke mob. He knows that leftist humor stops at calling Trump supporters toothless hillbillies.

While Navratilova and her drama queens slammed Trump Jr. for his meme, real Americans on social media reminded them that laughter is the best medicine. Perhaps one day, the left will learn that not everything is a personal attack on their fragile sensibilities. Until then, Trump Jr. will keep trolling and triggering, making Twitter a bit more entertaining for the rest of us.

Written by Staff Reports

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