Trump Leads Biden Among Independents and Registered Voters in 2024 Polls

In the 2024 election, the competition is fierce and could come down to only a few voters in important swing states. The race is definitely too close to call and could go either way. It’s essential to watch who Independents vote for, as they make up a bigger part of the voters. Many of them voted for President Joe Biden in 2020, but now, they are not as happy with him. They might even switch to supporting former and maybe future President Donald Trump. Recent polls show that Trump is leading Biden among Independents by a significant margin.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris May poll revealed that Trump is ahead of Biden by 6 points among registered voters and 5 points among likely voters. Independents are also favoring Trump over Biden in the double digits. Trump has more support from fellow Republicans than Biden has from fellow Democrats.

The poll also showed that Trump’s approval rating has improved. The majority of voters are interested in seeing the presidential debates and want both Trump and Biden to participate. Many voters also feel that the debates will give them valuable information for making their decision in 2024.

Additionally, the poll addressed the potential impact of Trump’s choice for a running mate. It found that if Trump were to choose Sen. Tim Scott as his running mate, a significant percentage of voters, including some Democrats, would be more likely to vote for Trump.

On the other hand, Vice President Kamala Harris, who is likely to remain Biden’s running mate, has a net approval rating that is almost as low as Biden’s. Biden’s approval ratings on key issues such as inflation, immigration, and the Israel-Hamas conflict are also less than favorable.

Overall, Trump is gaining momentum and leads in the polls. If Biden doesn’t improve his numbers soon, it could spell trouble for his reelection prospects. The poll was conducted on May 15-16 with 1,600 registered voters and showed Trump with a clear lead over Biden. This suggests that Trump has a good chance of winning the 2024 election.

Written by Staff Reports

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